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Spiritual Accompaniment

Spiritual Accompaniment is an ancient practice. It is based on the premise that the Divine Presence, the Great Mystery or the Source of All, is present and active in our lives, and that we can become more sensitive to this Presence through reflection and contemplation.

Engaging in such a spiritual practice can help us to notice and appreciate the Divine Presence within ourselves and others, whether this be in challenging, difficult or good times. Spiritual accompaniment can help to awaken us to a deep knowledge of being connected, known and loved. The meaning and purpose this brings can cause us to respond to this Presence with a growing sense of acceptance, peace and freedom.

The accompanier’s principal role is to listen to the person sitting before them and to be conscious of the Presence within that person, within themselves, and between themselves and the other person. The accompanier will often respond to what they hear during the session and may suggest some resources or practices to help the person become more deeply connected.

Spiritual accompaniment is not psychological therapy or counselling. However there are some similarities between the practice of spiritual accompaniment and counselling, for example in respect of confidentiality and skilled listening.


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A session will last one hour and is £50. It can take place in person or online



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